interTwin Digital Twin Engine (DTE)

Discover the first software modules of the interTwin Digital Twin Engine!

DTE Infrastructure, Core and Thematic Modules now available for Digital Twin developers!

As technical coordinator of interTwin, I am proud to present you the software components of our Digital Twin Engine (DTE). The first version of the Core, Infrastructure and Thematic modules are now available and the description and link to their source code is published in our website.

These modules are of interest for Digital Twin developers across different fields, as they can use the DTE to develop applications tailored to the needs of specific user communities.

The interTwin DTE consists of different layers:

  • The DTE Infrastructure Modules provide specific capabilities for implementing Digital Twins, such as federated data and computing resources needed to run modelling and simulation tasks on the computing infrastructure
  • The DTE Core Modules offer cross-domain capabilities, simplifying the creation and operation of data-intensive and compute-intensive DT applications
  • The DTE Thematic Modules (currently: Environment and Physics) are add-ons providing capabilities tailored to the needs of specific application groups. They implement domain specific core functionalities for a DT.
The Digital Twin Applications are user-centric implementations of DTs workflows, leveraging the DTE’s capabilities to meet specific use case requirements. You can discover current applications in the Use Case section of our website.
The use cases responsible are now in the phase of integrating the available software modules and validate the implementation done in our piloting infrastructure.

Discover the modules

DTE Core Modules

interTwin DTE Core Modules

DTE Infrastructure Modules

interTwin DTE Infrastructure Components

Thematic Modules: Environment

interTwin Thematic Modules: Environment

Thematic Modules: Physics

interTwin Thematic Modules: Physics


Get inspired by our use cases:

interTwin Use Case: A Digital Twin for Drought Early Warning in the Alps

Developing the components to set up a Drought Early Warning System for the Alps

interTwin Use Case: A Digital Twin for Lattice QCD simulation

Applying Machine Learning techniques to Lattice Simulation to speed up data generation and open up...

interTwin Use Case: A Digital Twin for projecting the occurrence of tropical cyclones due to climate change

Designing Deep neural networks (DNNs) to create Digital Twins capable of detecting tropical cyclones...

interTwin Use Case: A Digital Twin to simulate ‘noise’ in the Virgo Gravitational Wave interferometer

Creating a Digital Twin to realistically simulate ‘noise’ in the detector and study how it...

interTwin Use Case: A Digital Twin for Flood Early Warning in coastal and inland regions

Developing the components to set up a Digital Twins for flood early warning in coastal...

interTwin Use Case: A Digital Twin for projecting wildfire danger due to climate change

Defining deep neural networks (DNNs) for creating Digital Twins for predicting fire danger on climate...

interTwin Use Case: A particle detector data-driven Digital Twin for High Energy Physics

Setting up a Digital Twin for fast particle detector simulation

interTwin Use Case: Deploying FloodAdapt, a Digital Twin for flood impact modelling, anywhere on earth

Developing the necessary components to facilitate the automatic set up of a Digital Twin supporting...

interTwin Use Case: Extreme rainfall, temperature and wind – weather extremes as a result of climate change

Developing the components to set up a Drought Early Warning System for the Alps