interTwin at EGU24

The EGU General Assembly 2024 brings together geoscientists from all over the world to one meeting covering all disciplines of the Earth, planetary, and space sciences. The EGU aims to provide a forum where scientists, especially early career researchers, can present their work and discuss their ideas with experts in all fields of geoscience.

In various sessions, interTwin will present the work done on the Digital Twin Engine thematic modules and use cases related to Climate Change and the Environment.

We’re very happy to report that interTwin project partners will be present in abundance at EGU2024 in Vienna, Austria (14th-19th April).

First of all, we will be present at booth 101 (1st floor), hosted by EGI Foundation. One of us will be there at all times, so if you want to have a chat about the project, please drop by! 

interTwin talks have been accepted in the following sessions: 

Monday, April 16th

EURAC Research will present their work on the interTwin use case on addressing droughts in the Alps  in session HS3.5 Explainable and hybrid machine learning in hydrology

Wednesday April 17th

In ESSI2.2 (Advanced strategies for workflow development, execution and reproducibility of results in Earth System Science): partners Deltares and CMCC will present their work in interTwin on Digital Twins for the Environment and related workflow management aspects, such as provenance tracking. CMCC is also co-convening this session.

CMCC will present ‘The interTwin DTE: supporting the development of extreme weather events applications’  in session ESSI3.5 Advancing Environmental Research and Knowledge Through Data Integration and Interoperability

Thursday April 18th

In ESSI2.5 Digital Twins of the Earth System, EGI and Deltares will explore the links between Destination Earth and interTwin. 

CERFACS has a poster ‘Detection and Characterization of Climate Extremes with Deep Learning ‘  accepted in CL4.14: Climate and weather extremes in a warming climate: Processes, Prediction and Projection (3P). CERFACS is also convening the session ESSI2.8 Research data infrastructures in ESS – Bridging the gap between user needs and sustainable software solutions.

Discover the related use cases:

interTwin Use Case: A Digital Twin for projecting the occurrence of tropical cyclones due to climate change

Designing Deep neural networks (DNNs) to create Digital Twins capable of detecting tropical cyclones...

interTwin Use Case: A Digital Twin for Drought Early Warning in the Alps

Developing the components to set up a Drought Early Warning System for the Alps

interTwin Use Case: A Digital Twin for projecting wildfire danger due to climate change

Defining deep neural networks (DNNs) for creating Digital Twins for predicting fire danger on climate...

interTwin Use Case: A Digital Twin for Flood Early Warning in coastal and inland regions

Developing the components to set up a Digital Twins for flood early warning in coastal...

interTwin Use Case: Deploying FloodAdapt, a Digital Twin for flood impact modelling, anywhere on earth

Developing the necessary components to facilitate the automatic set up of a Digital Twin supporting...