Updated 05/06/2024

Discover the interTwin Digital Twin Engine Core Modules

Calling all #digitaltwin developers!

Have you seen the first software modules of our Digital Twin Engine (DTE)?
They are grouped into 3 categories: Core, Infrastructure, and Thematic (Environment and Physics).

By using and combining the modules, you can build your own Digital Twin! The Core Modules enable the development and management of data-driven and compute-intensive applications by providing capabilities such as:

  • workflow composition
  • data fusion
  • AI workflow and method lifecycle management
  • real time acquisition and data analytics
  • validation, verification, and uncertainty tracing for model quality

And what's more, they are all available for free and as open source - simply click through to the source code and get started!

PS: we're very curious 🔎 about usage! Feel free to tag/alert us if you want to showcase your work