Dr. Isabel Campos Plasencia – Researcher at CSIC

holds a PhD. in HEP and leads the Scientific Computing group at IFCA-CSIC.  She has a solid background in key aspects of software and computing technology and its applications to science, and deep experience as user of e-Infrastructures ranging from distributed computing to HPC systems. Among the commissions of trust she is the e-infrastructures responsible in the Infrastructures committee of CSIC and is also a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of ESRF. She has participated in numerous EU projects aimed at developing software and deploy e-infrastructures in Europe, and has >70 publications in peer-reviewed journals.

She was a founding member of the European Grid Initiative (EGI) and current member of the Executive Board. She is coordinator of theSpanish National Grid Infrastructure, representative of Spain in the EGI Council and responsible for the Spanish participation in IBERGRID. As a member of the 2nd EOSC HLEG she played an important role in supporting the Commission’s vision for the development of the EOSC, in particular in including the ecosystem of software developers in Europe as a fundamental actor in EOSC, as a High Level Recommendations.