D6.2 First release of the DTE core modules

D6.2 publicly available
This deliverable summarises the status of development of core components relevant to implement the architecture of a Digital Twin Engine (DTE) in the framework of interTwin. It includes the status of the development and integration of all WP6 software products available with the first release.
  • Development status of core components for supporting transversal functionalities in Digital Twins deployment.
  • Real-time data ingestion and analysis will be facilitated by OSCAR and dCNiOS.
  • Model quality and validation are addressed through the evolution of the SQAaaS service, and the Infrastructure Manager (IM) handles the interplay between infrastructure and big data analytics core services, integrating existing tools and APIs.

The deliverable is publicly available on Zenodo



Lead partner: CSIC

WP6 Digital Twin Engine Core Modules

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Isabel Campos
September 04, 2023