Core DTE Modules



Command line interface to interact with SQAaaS API from scripts

Integrate interTwin’s workflows within pipeline steps, creating assessments, getting outputs, checking pipeline status

Release Notes

The SQAaaS CLI is a work in progress, to answer the custom assessment required for DTE workflow integration into the SQAaaS platform. The CLI approach provides a way to launch commands from the workflows and run the required steps.

Release 2.6.0 reflects the SQAaaS production schema is not supporting the custom assessment yet. But it answers the quality checking task, providing the commands to create an assessment, get assessment outputs, run pipelines, and get pipeline status.

Future Plans

Further developments towards the custom assessment (CA), that will answer the DTE requirements for the model validation. We foresee two possible use cases: trigger assessment from GitHub or from a workflow step. The new features will comprehend the configuration (from a file, template, or web interface), register, and uniquely identify the CA from a URI representation.

Target Audience

DTE developers & users



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