Core DTE Modules

Infrastructure Manager


An open-source Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tool that deploys complex and customized virtual infrastructures on multiple back-ends.

The main goal of the IM is to provide a set of functions for the effective deployment of all the required virtual infrastructures required to deploy an application or service in a Cloud environment, either composed by VMs or by Docker containers. The IM considers all the aspects related to the creation and management of virtual infrastructures:

  •  The software and hardware requirements specification for the user applications, using the OAISIS TOSCA Simple Profile in YAML.
  •  The provision of Virtual Machines on the Cloud deployments (or Docker containers in Kubernetes, for example) available to the user, including both public IaaS Clouds (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, etc.), on-premises Cloud Management Platforms (OpenNebula, OpenStack, etc.) and Container Orchestrators (Kubernetes).
  • The contextualization of the infrastructure at run-time by installing and configuring all the required software that may not be available in the images (either VMIs or Docker images) based on Ansible.
  • The elasticity management, both horizontal (adding/removing nodes) and vertical (growing/shrinking the capacity of nodes).

Release Notes

IM has been adopted in interTwin for the deployment of the Big Data Analytics tools.

Future Plans

IM will be evolved in interTwin, steered by upcoming user requirements to the deployments of the Big Data Analytics tools.


Target Audience

Users of the Component Scientific users, requiring Big Data Analytics tools to be deployed on different Cloud back-ends.


GPL 3.0

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