A Key Exploitable Result (KER) is an identified main interesting result - which has been selected and prioritised due to its high potential to be “exploited” – meaning to make use and derive benefits- downstream the value chain of a product, process or solution, or act as an important input to policy, further research or education.

A software platform that provides generic and tailored functional modules for modelling and simulation to facilitate the development and deployment of Digital Twins that address scientific problems in different domains.

The interTwin interoperability framework aligns technical approaches and foster collaboration in modelling and simulation application development across scientific domains.

AI-based methodologies to extract application sector specific information from research data at the exabyte-scale level in a real-time manner and increase the efficiency and accuracy of simulation and modelling outputs.

Tools for automated quality measures and trust, development of standard quality mapping and indicators for appropriately communicating differences in qualities of inputs and outputs from digital twins, addressing issues such as data and model pedigree, accuracy, and lack of knowledge.

Federated distributed compute platform providing access to distributed data and integrating HTC, HPC, Cloud and Quantum Computing capabilities for processing.

The community of DT application developers, users and operators that is responsible for the design, development and maintenance of the DTE code base.