The interTwin Digital Twin Engine (DTE)

interTwin is developing a prototype of a Digital Twin Engine (DTE) for Science, to support the development and exploitation of scientific Digital Twins (DT)

The interTwin  Digital Twin Engine (DTE)  is an open-source integrated platform underpinned by open standards, APIs, and protocols. It facilitates the development and implementation  of specific Digital Twins.  The DTE supports the setup, configuration and exploitation of Digital Twins. 

A Digital Twin (DT) is a virtual representation of a physical object, process, or system. It is created and sustained with information derived from one or many sources of data such as sensors or models considering historical as well as real-time observations.

DTE Layers

The interTwin DTE consists of different layers:

  • The DTE Infrastructure Modules provide specific capabilities for implementing Digital Twins, such as federated data and computing resources needed to run modelling and simulation tasks on the computing infrastructure
  • The DTE Core Modules offer cross-domain capabilities, simplifying the creation and operation of data-intensive and compute-intensive DT applications
  • The DTE Thematic Modules (currently: Environment and Physics) are add-ons providing capabilities tailored to the needs of specific application groups. They implement core functionalities for a DT but domain specific. They can evolve into core modules following successful adoption by multiple resource communities across different domains.

The Digital Twin Applications are user-centric implementations of DTs workflows, leveraging the DTE’s capabilities to meet specific use case requirements.


  • DT Developers interact with interTwin DTE, seen as PaaS (Platform as a Service), developing DT applications and occasionally thematic modules tailored to the needs of specific user communities
  • DT Infrastructure Providers provide computational resources and storage, to build and run the DTs and eventual connectivity with the physical twin existing in the real world
  • DT Users access the DTE as a SaaS (Software as a Service) via the DT Applications developed by the DT developers. An end user can choose an “out of the box” DT application and connect it to its use case (physical twin) or configure the needed parameters for their experiments
DTE Core Modules

interTwin DTE Core Modules

DTE Infrastructure Modules

interTwin DTE Infrastructure Components

Thematic Modules: Environment

interTwin Thematic Modules: Environment

Thematic Modules: Physics

interTwin Thematic Modules: Physics