Thematic Modules: Environment


Hydrological model data processing
Updated 12/02/2024


An open-source Python package that facilitates the process of building and analysing spatial geoscientific models with a focus on water system models. It does so by automating the workflow to go from raw data to a complete model instance which is ready to run and to analyse model results once the simulation has finished. This plugin provides an implementation of the model API for the SFINCS model.

Easily build and update the SFINCS model with a single line of code.

Release Notes

The application of HydroMT-SFINCS is demonstrated in Jupyter Notebooks developed in interTwin (

A pilot implementation is being run on a Virtual Machine at DESY where the Notebooks are being adapted to leverage the pilot interTwin datalake.

This release offers examples of how to set up and run SFINCS and Delft-FIAT. The HydroMT-SFINCS plugin offers capabilities to easily set up and run SFINCS using globally available data.

Users can select flood walls, levees, pumps and culverts as flood mitigation and adaptation measures.

Future Plans

In the next release capabilities will be created so that a user can

  • Easily run long hindcast and ensemble simulations and produce probabilistic flood maps using the flood inundation model (SFINCS).
  • Easily run the flood inundation model (SFINCS) using locally available data.
  • Select urban green infrastructure as a flood mitigation and adaptation measure.