Thematic Modules: Physics


Generative Adversarial Networks


A python package for gravitational-wave astrophysics

Standard functions for preprocessing of time series for GW data

Release Notes

GWpy is a stable and actively maintained package developed by the Ligo-Virgo-Kagra collaboration. It is a key dependency of the modules to be developed in the context of WP 7.3. WP specific packages have not been released yet.

Future Plans

There is no released WP module and the functionalities developed so far, a proof of concept of the Preprocessing API and of the Training and Inference subsystems, are implemented in Jupyter notebooks. The next step is to release a set of Python packages in a separate repo implementing the required functionalities and deploy the workflow via Docker containers.



Target Audience
  • Expert users
  • Developers


Created by

Ligo and Virgo Collaborations