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Climate Data


Providing a set of R functions for determining if periods of emergence (PoE) and/or time of emergence (ToE) of compound events probabilities have emerged in data

This module allows to statistically model if and how compound events have significantly evolved through time, based on reanalysis or observational data. The definition of the compound (i.e., involved variables) is made by the user.

Release Notes

The development of the R package is currently underway. In this version, the statistical protocol has been well-defined, developed and tested. A restricted set of marginal distribution functions and copula families are provided.

Future Plans

Next versions should include a larger set of marginal distribution functions and copula families. It will also include features for specifically managing climate change future projection data like from CMIP6 archive, e.g., for direct comparison to observations or reanalysis data. Documentation will be provided as first priority action.

Target Audience
  • Expert Scientists

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