Updated 17/06/2024

The interTwin Digital Twin Engine Infrastructure Modules

More great news for Digital Twin Developers - you can now discover our set of Infrastructure modules.

The interTwin Digital Twin Engine (DTE) Infrastructure Modules have the role to implement all the capabilities needed by Digital Twins to effectively exploit computing resources. In summary: 

  • Provide software solutions to enable resources provisioning on a wide range of compute providers to implement a digital continuum. 
  • Support data access, data management and to support real time data processing,  in a federated environment.
  • Provide services and tools to enable the automated storage and compute resources orchestration enhancing the automatic and intelligent identification of the best provider either based on static and dynamic metrics.

And what's more, they are all available for free and as open source - simply click through to the source code and get started!

PS: we're very curious 🔎 about usage! Feel free to tag/alert us if you want to showcase your work

DTE Infrastructure Modules

interTwin DTE Infrastructure Components