Updated 30/09/2022

interTwin Kick-Off at #EGI2022

Project officially started on September 19th and 20th in Prague!

On September 19th, the interTwin project – coordinated by EGI Foundation – officially kicked off at the #EGI2022 Conference in Prague, Czech Republic. 

For the next three years, interTwin partners will collaborate closely to deliver the goal of the project,  co-designing and implementing the prototype of an interdisciplinary Digital Twin Engine – an open source platform based on open standards that offers the capability to integrate with application-specific Digital Twins. Its functional specifications and implementation are based on a DTE blueprint architecture, which will also be one of the main objectives of the project.

After a warm welcome by the EC Project Officer Mina Koleva and EGI Director and Project Director Tiziana Ferrari, the Technical coordinator Andrea Manzi and Project Manager Malgorzata Krakowian introduced the overview of the project. After this, all partners introduced themselves and for the remainder of the kick-off, the focus lay on the various work packages and the work planned in them. During the Kick off Miruna Stoicescu from EUMETSAT also presented the planned work around the Destination Earth Data Lake, as input for similar activities in the project. 

On the second day an interesting introduction to the CoE RAISE project was given by Andreas Lintermann from Jülich, to highlight possible collaborations and points of synergy.