DTE Infrastructure Component

APEL Accounting

Resource Accounting System


The Accounting Repository stores compute (serial and parallel jobs), storage, and cloud resource usage data collected from resource centres within an e-infrastructure.

Accounting information is gathered from distributed sensors into a central Accounting Repository where it is processed to generate summaries that are available through an Accounting Dashboard.

Aggregated statistics on resource usage available via a central dashboard to enable resourcing and funding decisions to be made.

Release Notes

This is a baseline release using mostly existing sub-components, configured for interTwin. These include the SSM (Secure STOMP Messenger) messaging tool to exchange accounting records, the APEL accounting repository software, and the Grafana-based Accounting Dashboard. It will be used to test integration with the other components and resource providers and form a basis for future development.

Future Plans

The Accounting Dashboard will be customised to suit the needs of interTwin. As for the types of accounting collected by the accounting system, these will be extended to include GPUs and other accelerators.



Target Audience
  • Users of the Component Resource centre admins
  • Research community managers

Apache 2.0

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