Core DTE Modules

Configuration artefacts


Ansible playbooks and roles and any other artefacts needed in the deployment of the selected Big Data Analytics tools.

These ansible playbooks are used by the TOSCA templates defined in section 2.4.2 in order to perform the actual deployments on cloud nodes.

Value proposition TOSCA templates refer to these artefacts to enable the configuration of the Big Data Analytics tools using the Ansible tool.

Release Notes

Artefacts created:

Future Plans

Some of the artefacts are in an early stage (Kafka and MLFlow) and need to be validated by users with experience, using these tools to also validate the functionality of the deployed infrastructure. Other artefacts are more mature but may need some additions to improve them. Finally, further templates need to be created (e.g. for the openEO compatible back-ends).

Target Audience

Users of the Component TOSCA template/Ansible playbooks developers.


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